“Margaret Court controversy” – My views.

by Jennifer Valentine-Miller

The whole controversy began with Margaret Court preaching from the pulpit in her position as senior pastor at her church in Australia. To say that tennis is “full of lesbians” can also sit alongside, “there is too much drugs in sport”. Whenever I mention or, to my surprise, a person remembers my endeavors in sport they automatically assume there was constant scenes of women “getting together” in changing rooms. I admired my time in tennis, however, it came with bullying, discrimination, disillusionment and long periods of loneliness. That is why playing doubles was encouraged and rushing into a bad relationship was discouraged. I don’t believe the history books should remove Margaret (or anyone else) from tennis and especially the titles she won just because one does not conform. Moreover, sporting records are there to be broken. In the bible the LGBT community are seen as rebels rebelling against society and even Christ’s views. Margaret along with the other great women/athletes who won all four Grand Slam major titles in one season should be remembered. What should be kicked out of sport are subdivisions as well as racism. Today, as a Christian and pastor of a church – Margaret Court should be bringing to our sport peace and healing, and not the discomfort of anxiety and scandal.

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