An increase in fans booing during “Taking The Knee”

The supporters who engage in this disgraceful rejection of anti-racism think they’ve won. The game has done a lot to clean up its image, but it was undone in seconds when some fans booed players kneeling for Black Lives Matter. When both sets of players decide to take a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement an encounter begins with a small number of the crowd being heard booing.

On the other hand, the Environment Secretary (2020) George Eustice said: “There has been problems obviously with racism in football in the past. It is right that that is called out and challenged when we see it.

“It doesn’t have any place in society today and if people choose to express their view in a particular way that should always be respected.”

He added: “I know obviously the issue of race and racial discrimination is something that we all take very, very seriously.

“My personal view is that Black Lives Matter – capital B, L and M – is actually a political movement that is different to what most of us believe in, which is standing up for racial equality.

“Each individual can take their own choices about how they reflect this and I know a number of people feel quite strongly and have taken that approach.”

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