Arsenal Fan TV remove regular guest over racist remark (Independent Newspaper)

Edited by Jennifer Valentine-Miller

The Independent newspaper (July 2020) have reported that Arsenal Fan TV have removed regular guest Claude has received a life ban after he made a racist remark about Tottenham Hotspur’s forward Son Heung-Min.

During the North London derby between Spurs and Arsenal, Claude Callegari was heard to say “DVD’s going off” when Son was substituted late in the match.

The term ‘DVD’ is a derogatory slur aimed at Asian people, which depicts them as someone who sells illegal DVDs.

After receiving a social media backlash for the comment, Claude appeared on a second AFTV video with its owner Robbie Lyle – where they appeared to try and explain that the remark was not derogatory but an attempt to mock Spurs.

It was claimed that the term DVD was in reference to the club making a DVD to remember their 2-1 victory over Arsenal at the weekend, but the fact that the wording used by Claude didn’t fit with that suggestion and that it came just when Son was going off the pitch meant that viewers did not believe his interpretation.

Pochettino breaks his silence after Tottenham ‘recharging batteries’

Sourced as well via Independent Newspaper

Mauricio Pochettino says he does not want a prolonged period out of the game.
Fired by Tottenham despite reaching a Champions League final, Mauricio Pochettino said he is adapting to the growing instability of management as he eyes a new club and a return to the dugout.

After top-four finishes in four consecutive seasons – and reaching the 2019 European final and despite spending nothing on players last season – Pochettino was dismissed with Tottenham 14th in the Premier League. It was a ruthless decision by Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy in a bid to halt the decline, reflecting how hard it is to stay, as long as Pochettino, in any managerial job. Unai Emery followed Pochettino out of north London rival Arsenal 10 days later. Reduced job security does open up opportunities for out-of-work coaches like Pochettino.

“We know very well how our job is,” Pochettino said. “In the last 10 years you see a little how it’s changed and … it’s unbelievable. But that is our job and we accept that.”