Racism rears its ugly head following England’s defeat at Euro 2020 finals

Racist abuse it seems was directed at three of the national team’s black players (who failed at penalty kicks). Following England’s defeat the abuse began to surge online, with thousands of offensive comments flooding their social media pages.

The abuse drew condemnation from government figures, including PM Boris Johnson, and Home Secretary Priti Patel as we as Prince William, the president of the FA, also spoke out against the offensive comments made and was “sickened” by them.

Prime Minister Johnson said the team “deserve to be honoured as heroes” following the highest achievement since the countries 1966 world cup victory  and a spokesperson for the FA warned that “anyone behind such disgusting behaviour will not be welcomed by the national team”.Jo

Racism in cricket: Australia v India

(India Times)

Whether in Australia or elsewhere, racial abuse has no place in sport. This comes after Test cricketer were abused.

 This has compelled Team India to lodge an official complaint with ICC. There are no excuses here because Abusive spectators should be held accountable and served life bans from entering cricket stadiums. Understandably, passions can run high during a cricket game and spectators can get caught up in the heat of the moment. However, the abusing players is totally unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.

Twitter comment:

“Players should be able to also to focus on their own business (sport) rather than bring outside maters into the limelight. If spectators are punished then a day will come players will have to play without spectators. Cricketers will have to bear the loss of spectators and its financial implications. Those who are intolerant to spectators should learn how to do so and not bring any hazard to the board and sports.”

“Margaret Court controversy” – My views.

by Jennifer Valentine-Miller

The whole controversy began with Margaret Court preaching from the pulpit in her position as senior pastor at her church in Australia. To say that tennis is “full of lesbians” can also sit alongside, “there is too much drugs in sport”. Whenever I mention or, to my surprise, a person remembers my endeavors in sport they automatically assume there was constant scenes of women “getting together” in changing rooms. I admired my time in tennis, however, it came with bullying, discrimination, disillusionment and long periods of loneliness. That is why playing doubles was encouraged and rushing into a bad relationship was discouraged. I don’t believe the history books should remove Margaret (or anyone else) from tennis and especially the titles she won just because one does not conform. Moreover, sporting records are there to be broken. In the bible the LGBT community are seen as rebels rebelling against society and even Christ’s views. Margaret along with the other great women/athletes who won all four Grand Slam major titles in one season should be remembered. What should be kicked out of sport are subdivisions as well as racism. Today, as a Christian and pastor of a church – Margaret Court should be bringing to our sport peace and healing, and not the discomfort of anxiety and scandal.

The Premier League is to resume amidst COVID-19: UK BAME footballers are divided

The FA’s intention is to resume the Premier League around 1 June. However, it seems that the top BAME footballers players in the UK are divided because of the safety to players, staff and officials cannot be guaranteed, therefore most are not comfortable to play. That is why concerns about safety of the Premier League season resuming has been raised – because of the contemplation what the worst outcome could be because it is not seen as a safe sport.

A selfish culture in Boxing blocks progress in safeguarding fighters

The sport has been awash with tributes and faced scrutiny since the death of America’s Patrick Day in October 2019 and becoming the fourth boxer to die in recent months.

Promoter Eddie Hearn spoke of improving safety, while brain-injury charity Headway wants the sport banned.

Radio 5  discuss in length about the changes  that  to  need to be put in place and the barriers preventing it.