F1 oppose Lewis Hamilton: They are too busy trying to win races


Formula One motor racing legend, Bernie Ecclestone, has given several extraordinary interviews regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and insists that the sport does not have a problem with racism. However, the commissioning of Lewis Hamilton as a Black Lives Matter as political campaigner caused a rift within the motoring world. Lewis Hamilton accepted the role as a Black Lives Matter ambassador in remembrance of the death of America’s George Floyd whilst in police custody following on from a minor incident Minnesota. It was in June 2020 that Lewis began his aim of pushing society and motor sport towards increased diversity. Bernie Ecclestone commented on Lewis Hamilton’s actions by saying he would be “very unhappy if Lewis took past instances of racist abuse seriously”. And, also that “in lots of cases black people are more racist than white people are”.

Speaking to CNN Sport, Bernie Ecclestone expressed his view that no one in F1 has taken systemic racism seriously because they are “too busy trying to win races”.

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